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Are you bored of the way you take your desserts and drinks? Does milk taste the same way every single day? Looking for a new and innovative way to spruce up your drinks and give your desserts a makeover? Don’t you worry, Gulkand is your saviour for the day. Its delightful sugar rush and intense rosy fragrance will transform your cooking in a way that is beyond imagination.
Rich, sweet and oozing with flavour, your rose experience with this relish is sure to get you hooked.
Instead of using the regular rose from your backyard garden, Gulkand utilises the Natural Rose. This variety of rose is popularly used to make perfumes as it has a strong fragrance, thereby apt for the Gulkand recipe.
Gulkand is often compared to rose petal jam and comfitures that are easily available in the market. It is far superior in taste not just because of the variety of rose that is used, but also the method of preparing. Gulkand is sun – cooked over a period of at least one month; thereby imparting a rich, dense, floral flavour to the delicacy.
Gulkand is actually considered a medicine in Ayurveda. It is primarily known for its cooling properties, which is beneficial for those with excessive heat in their body.
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  1. Anu

    It is awesome,all the products of vedikshala are best that I used like charcoal facewash,honey lemon facewash, Ayurvedic shampoos, coconut oil,honey and this gulkand honey.Thanku vedikshala

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